Tragic Shootings

There are too many tragic shootings to chronicle them here.

About 1,000 citizens are killed by police officers each year. About 3 per day.

Consider two. Mr. Ryan Whitaker, Phoenix, AZ, May 2020, and Mr. Andre Hill, Columbus, OH, Dec 2020.

Ryan Whitaker + Andre Hill

Both men were shot repeatedly and killed by officers within just a few seconds of being approached by officers. In neither case is a crime identified by officers before they killed the gentlemen. Tragically both cases are clear examples of a problem. The two officers involved used appallingly bad judgment. These officers were taught to use weapons in law enforcement academy, and they thought they were sent out to use weapons. Obviously not enough time was spent in training on Constitutional civil rights, and the officers didn't respect the civil rights of these citizens.

Mr. Ryan Whitaker made salsa and was playing an exciting video game with his girlfriend, enjoying a night at his residence in Phoenix, AZ. A busybody neighbor upstairs called 911, complained of "noise", which is nothing serious, and then falsely claimed there could be a physical altercation 'if that would get police to respond faster'. Officers even commented on this bogus claim as they approached. Yet officers shot Mr. Whitaker in his doorway mere moments after he opened the door, killing him in front of his girlfriend.

Mr. Andre Hill was visiting friends at their home in Columbus, OH just before Christmas. He was working on a car late one evening when a busybody neighbor called 911 to complain about a car 'starting and turning off'. That is not even a crime, and it certainly should not have merited a response. However, bored officers arrived and approached Mr. Hill as he was standing in the garage with his cell phone in hand, the garage door open, shooting and killing him within 10 seconds of approach.

You can search the names and cities to find several stories about these gentlemen, and videos. There are several other Tragic Shootings you can find with a quick search, including the ridiculously outrageous body cam video of the killing of Mr. Daniel Shaver in Mesa, AZ in 2016 as he pleaded for his life while complying with incredibly disrespectful and pointless commands of a murderous bully.

Let's think about these cases before calling 911, people. Granted, there is no excuse for hostile police officers to murder citizens. Yet think: What is a real crime? Lives could be at risk. Live and let live.

Bear in mind too that there are well over 26,000 arrests processed each day. Averaging only about 3 deaths per day means that police officer interactions are not lethal in most cases. Severe civil rights violations are exceptions, but the losses are tragic so we must strive to improve respect for our Constitutional civil rights so citizens do not need to fear interactions on the streets. These tragic shootings are so outrageous, so terrifying, that they must stop.

Nonetheless, in the Whitaker, Hill and Shaver cases, and in too many others, officers involved claimed that they were engaged in "lawful police work" and that there should be no liability for the civil rights violations, pointless death, they inflicted upon citizens committing zero crimes. Officers also claimed they owed nothing to the families and friends for the tragic losses inflicted pointlessly upon them. Yet every honest person knows that these are clear violations of the Fourth Amendment protections written into the Constitution. These deaths were the result of appallingly bad judgment by the officers involved. And these civil rights violations are permanent.


Only justice in our courts will bring safety to our streets. For if Constitutional justice is certain, civil rights violations will not happen. Lack of Constitutional justice only assures that more civil rights violations will occur. The problem of Tragic Shootings on our streets is caused by denial of civil rights by our Federal Courts, beginning with the Supreme Court. Hence we have issued The Supreme Court Challenge!

Federal courts are the protectors of civil rights. Federal courts MUST restore the Constitutional civil rights of citizens!


The Constitution is the ultimate law of the land, to which all other laws and court rulings must conform.

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons...shall not be violated."

- US Constitution, 4th Amendment