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QUALIFIED IMMUNITY: SOLVED  --  Restoring Civil Rights Protections by Reconciling the Common Law Defense of Law Enforcement to The Modern Era   (link in image, available at Amazon)

* Civil rights must be protected on our streets, and in our courts.*  Yet the Supreme Court's creation "qualified immunity" and its derivatives have often been used to deny justice when rights have clearly been violated, even when video proves the violation. Observe that, "Only justice in our courts protects our rights on our streets." So, how do we fix that? Some think eliminating qualified immunity is the answer.

"It is as much error to eliminate qualified immunity, as it is error for our Supreme Court to allow qualified immunity to deny justice when rights have clearly been violated."

* Civil society requires laws and law enforcement.* All of our good officers need to be able to "do the job", while we fix the errors/violations. Citizens of good will know and respect this.

Both of those foundational principles (rights and law) are cornerstones of the Constitution of the United States of America, and of all civil societies. Those principles can exist in harmony if the fulcrum on which the scales of justice rest is properly adjusted...just a bit.

key is starting with The Three Critical Questions...!! And then we must properly understand what qualified immunity is and is not...!

This innovative, "next level thinking" finally breaks down and solves the conundrums of our uniquely American civil rights law, and the Supreme Court's expansive protection of law enforcement with increasingly peculiar constructions in recent decades. Our Supreme Court has severely damaged civil rights protections, and it is time for the #SupremeCourtChallenge (issued in 2020).

Solving civil rights justice answers the #SupremeCourtChallenge and restores civil rights protections to our streets, because correction and deterrence must come from our courts.

This brilliant book solves the puzzles and lays out the path forward, to restore civil rights protections to our streets and to our courts, for the benefit of citizens, law enforcement, and American civil society.  Know it.  SHARE IT!




This is the in-depth TRUE STORY of civil rights violations, police corruption, and judicial system corruption that shows why civil rights are not protected on our streets...or in our courts. This outrageous journey into the abuses of The Qualified Immunity Era happened more than 10 years ago, yet if this case had done what it was intended to do, none of the people who died during civil rights violations in the 2020s would have died. Truth.

It also uses an insider's experiences with the details of the systems to lay out the path forward, so America can restore civil rights protections to our streets and to our courts, as our Founding Fathers intended when they wrote the Constitution of the United States.

     [2nd Edition, updated 2022; available at Amazon]


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100% of net proceeds support the real work of the Fourth Amendment Alliance to restore civil rights; on our streets and in our courts.

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