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US Constitution:

US Constitution, Bill of Rights:

Supreme Court of the United States – SCOTUS:

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Qualified Immunity work at Cato Institute:

An Articulate Federal District Court Ruling in Jamison v McClendon, illustrating legal challenges in the Qualified Immunity Era




700,000 = approximate number of full-time sworn police officers in USA

10,000,000 = approximate number of arrests each year in USA; every arrest results in an accusation of some crime to justify the arrest yet less than 5% of arrests actually result in a trial

$3,000- to $35,000+ = hard costs citizens typically incur just to defend against common accusations following an arrest (doesn't include lost time)

Tens of thousands of non-fatal civil rights violations occur each year; 40,000+ estimated, many more uncounted due to time and $$ required to pursue redress

1,000 = approximate number citizens killed by police officers each year (yes, about 3/day!)

9,000 = approximate number of misconduct cases filed against police officers each year, despite the cost, time and work required to file a case

2,500 = approximate number of officers accused of abuse of powers more than 10 times...yet kept job/badge

20 = approximate number of police officers accused of abuse of powers more than 100 times...yet kept job/badge

$69,000 = average annual salary of police officers