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An Articulate Federal District Court Ruling in Jamison v McClendon, highlighting the structural challenges in OUR legal system that prevent judges from ruling fairly of the Qualified Immunity Era

An Articulate Dissent in an Unjust Federal Appeals Court Ruling re: Dillon Taylor, highlighting how fatally flawed "precedent" supersedes Common Sense in the Qualified Immunity Era

The two judges writing in these cases provide hope that truth and justice may yet return to OUR federal courts. Justice in OUR courts is absolutely required to restore 4th Amendment protections and safety to citizens on OUR streets.



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700,000 = approximate number of full-time sworn police officers in USA

10,000,000+ = approximate number of arrests each year in USA; every arrest results in an accusation of some crime to justify the arrest yet less than 5% of arrests actually result in a trial

$3,000- to $35,000+ = hard costs citizens typically incur just to defend against common accusations following an arrest (doesn't include lost time)

40,000+ identifiable non-fatal civil rights violations occur each year; many more uncounted due to time and $$ required to pursue redress

1,000+ = approximate number citizens killed by police officers each year (about 3/day). Note that most are armed and/or committing crimes, so most of these are justified police work to protect communities. Deaths are a VERY small percentage of police interactions! So bravo to all of our good officers for managing safely most of the time...and yes, we must strive to fix the imperfections.

400+ unarmed citizens killed by officers at traffic stops in a 5-year period = 3+ every 2 weeks.

9,000+ = approximate number of misconduct cases filed against police officers each year, despite the cost, time and work required to file a case

2,500+ = approximate number of officers accused of abuse of powers more than 10 times...yet kept job/badge (a very small percentage of imperfections that must be purged from the 700,000)

20+ = approximate number of police officers accused of abuse of powers more than 100 times...yet kept job/badge (again, a very small percentage of imperfections that MUST be purged from the 700,000)

$69,000 = average annual salary of police officers